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Default Google Auto fill

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Can any of you let me know about google autofill and if you use it or not. Please tell me your thoughts about it and wether it's legal to use and if you use it. It makes things so much easier and faster. I hope I can use it. Thanks!

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I use FireFox auto filler. Yes it is legal, just be careful and check before submitting. Sometimes the boxes don't match to whats suppose to be there. So I scan over to make sure they are right. Just be careful if the rules say not allowed. I have no idea how they would know unless its timed on how long before you hit submit. But with those I fill them out to be safe

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I use robo and it does the same.....won't work on flash either.
Like dstam said..if if stated that..wait a few seconds before clicking.Theres no other way they can tell that I know of.
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